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At Rubicon, we understand the challenges of navigating cosmetic regulation. That’s why our team of approachable and solution-driven professionals are dedicated to providing innovative solutions for your regulatory needs.

Our goal is to help you get your cosmetic product to market on time and on budget. Trust us to be your partner in compliance and together, we can make your cosmetic dreams a reality.

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UK and EU Product Information File (PIF)

In the UK and EU, every cosmetic product must adhere to strict regulations to ensure the safety and quality of its ingredients. This
includes having a Product Information File (PIF) readily available at all times. The PIF contains essential technical information that may be requested by national competent authorities for review.

At Rubicon, we understand the importance of compliance in the cosmetics industry. That’s why we offer a competitively priced PIF review service to ensure that your product meets all necessary regulations. Let us take care of the details, so you can bring your product to market confidently and efficiently.

With our expertise and experience in regulatory compliance across all areas, Rubicon is the trusted partner you need to navigate the complex world of cosmetics regulations.

Regulatory Artwork Assessment

When it comes to cosmetics, precise labelling is crucial in the UK and EU markets. Failure to comply with mandatory labelling requirements can result in severe penalties, not to mention potential harm to consumer health and the need for costly withdrawals or recalls.

At Rubicon, we understand the importance of accurate and compliant labelling. That’s why we offer a comprehensive regulatory artwork assessment service. Our team of experts will thoroughly review your artwork components, ensuring they meet all relevant regulations, directives, and guidance. With Rubicon on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cosmetic product claims are legally sound and compliant. 

Contact us today for more information about this valuable service.

Product Claims Substantiation

In the world of cosmetics, all forms of text, names, trademarks, pictures, and designs that convey a message or describe product characteristics are considered “claims” in the eyes of the law. This includes both explicit and implicit claims, regardless of the marketing method or target audience.

The scrutiny surrounding product claims can often be confusing and overwhelming. That’s why we offer an expert service to review the applicability, defensibility, and regulatory risk of your cosmetic product claims. With Rubicon on your side, you can rest assured that your product is compliant and your claims are legally sound.

Responsible Person

Every cosmetic product must have a responsible person (RP) appointed for each market the product is sold in. We offer this service for both the UK and EU market. The RP has certain responsibilities and must ensure the safety of the cosmetic product before it is placed on the market.

Highly effective and thorough regulatory professionals who have the capability to align regulatory activity to support business strategy. They bring an entrepreneurial view to the subject.

Regulatory Formulation Assessment

Cosmetic formulations must comply with regulations set by national competent authorities, which include restrictions on certain substances such as:

  • colourants
  • preservatives
  • UV-filters
  • nanoparticles.

While this may seem straightforward, it is important to ensure that your cosmetic products are indeed compliant. Rubicon can provide assurance and support in this process. So why wait? Reach out to Rubicon.

UK SCPN Notification

Cosmetic products must be notified on the UK SCPN portal before being placed on the market, as this is a strict legal requirement.

This notification process must be done under the account of the Responsible Person (RP). Failure to comply with these regulations can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all necessary steps are taken right from the start.

With Rubicon as your trusted outsource partner, businesses can rely on their expertise to handle all UK SCPN notification needs and ensure compliance with regulations. So, trust in Rubicon for peace of mind regarding your cosmetic product’s legal requirements.

EU CPNP Notification

Before being placed on the EU market, cosmetic products must be notified on the EU CPNP portal in compliance with legal requirements. This notification process must be done under the account of the Responsible Person(RP).

Failure to comply can result in severe penalties, including imprisonment and fines. It is crucial to ensure that all necessary steps are taken correctly from the outset. With Rubicon as your trusted outsource partner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cosmetic product’s legal requirements will be handled efficiently and effectively. Trust in Rubicon for all your EU CPNP notification needs. Not only do we ensure initial compliance, but also provide ongoing support to maintain compliance and keep your products on the market.

These are just a few of the services we can provide for your cosmetic needs, get in touch with us today.

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