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Rubicon Technical specialises in providing import and export services to business of all sizes. Our expertise lies in helping companies navigate the complexities if international trade, ensuring that their goods reach their intended destinations efficiently and cost effectively.

With our extensive knowledge of global markets and trade regulations, we are able to provide comprehensive import and export solutions tailored to meet each client’s specific needs.

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Export Health Certificate (EHC)

An EHC is required to export a Product of Animal Origin (POAO) to the EU, non-EU countries and Northern Ireland.  If a product is not a composite food product but contains several types of animal product, an EHC for each type of animal product, which the product contains is required.  Rubicon can help determine if your product is a POAO and which EHC(s) will be needed.

Private Attestation

A Private Attestation is required to export a shelf-stable composite product from GB to the EU and Northern Ireland.  A composite product contains processed products of animal origin (POAO), plant products used as a main ingredient, is shelf-stable and is intended for human consumption.  This form should be completed and signed by the importer.  However, it is often helpful for exporters to download a copy and provide some of the information to their customers to assist with this process.  Rubicon can help determine if your product is a
composite product and whether it will be exempt from border controls.

Support Attestation

A Support Attestation is not an official export certificate.  It is used to support EU export certification of specific product categories in groupage consignments to the EU in accordance with guidance issued by DEFRA/APHA. (For example, if a client were selling products to a supermarket distribution centre and these products were then grouped with similar products for export to Ireland, a Support Attestation would need to be provided to assist with the appropriate export certification. 

Rubicon can provide assistance to suppliers needing to complete Support Attestations.

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