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Rubicon is a leading provider of regulatory compliance services for consumer products, including marketing and label checking. With years of experience, Rubicon has established itself as an industry leader in providing comprehensive solutions for companies looking to ensure their products comply with various regulations.

Rubicon’s marketing services focus on reviewing and approving all aspects of a company’s product labeling and advertising to ensure compliance with relevant regulations. This includes everything from packaging design to print and digital advertisements.

We can help with:

Advertising & Marketing Material Compliance

Here at Rubicon Technical we can review your advertising and marketing material to ensure that it is compliant with the current regulatory requirements in your target markets.  Every piece of material goes through an in-depth two-stage review process to provide comprehensive feedback that will help you to create the final piece.  Many companies use a third party to review advertising and marketing materials; make
sure you’re using a company with the right experience.

Label Checking and Compliance

Getting your label right is of fundamental importance if you want to avoid a challenge by the regulatory authorities, which could ultimately lead to a costly withdrawal or recall.  Our team of experts review hundreds of labels each year and understand exactly how the information on a label should be presented. 

We cover labels for: 

  • Foods
  • Food Supplements 
  • Sports Nutrition Products 
  • Botanicals
  • Medical Devices 
  • Cosmetics 

and so many more. 

Digital Asset Compliance

Webpages and other digital assets, are a key marketing tool to promote your product and brand to consumers.  If you need help with presenting product information and making compliant claims on digital assets, then reach out to Rubicon and we will guide you every step of the way. 

Trust us with your marketing! We have extensive experience with meeting Amazon’s compliance requirements, and we can also assist with advertising on Ali Baba, eBay, TikTok and other selling platforms.

Social Media Compliance

Getting your posts checked by Rubicon Technical provides reassurance that you’re meeting all the necessary regulatory requirements and advertising in a responsible manner. Compliant social media campaigns enable a company to build brand reputation and trust with consumers. Posts, blogs and videos; we’ve got it covered.   

Broadcast Compliance in All Regulatory Categories

Get in contact with Rubicon Technical to find out how we can support with broadcasting on TV and Radio. We provide support across all regulatory categories including foods, food supplements, medicinal products, medical devices and cosmetics.

Our team at Rubicon Technical is dedicated to helping our clients successfully navigate the complex regulatory landscape of broadcasting on TV and radio. With years of experience in the industry, we have a deep understanding of the regulations and guidelines that must be followed in order to ensure compliance and avoid any potential legal issues.

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